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Wagyu New York Strip Steak (14 ounce)

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Wagyu New York Strip Steak (14 ounce)
Wagyu New York Strip Steak (14 ounce)

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WAGYU 5/6 Marble Score: Andrews Meat Industries is proud to introduce W. Black, the marbled Australian Wagyu. Bold, confident, strong, rich in flavor, and fine in texture. W. Black sets a new standard with this exclusive offering of premium Wagyu beef. W. Black cannot be categorized using traditional descriptions, rather it re-defines the standard by which we measure quality. Simply put, W. Black delivers. The W. Black journey begins with intensive cattle selection undertaken by discerning livestock specialists. Starting with Australia’s leading Wagyu breeders and genetics, calves are hand selected for performance, softness, confirmation, and style. Further selection is undertaken throughout the feeding, processing, and carcass grading stages of the program performed under the guidance of our strategic partner and world’s leading meat processor, JBS Australia.


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