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Cowboy Cut Ribeye 1855

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Cowboy Cut Ribeye 1855
Cowboy Cut Ribeye 1855

Full Case (4 Pack)


1 case


Bone in Ribeye Steak with frenched bone. Referred to as the Cowboy Steak. Each steak is 21+ ounces. 1855 Black Angus is premium beef with the flavor, tenderness, and juiciness that discerning chefs and retailers have come to trust; a trust built from delivering reliable quality and unwavering consistency. The Angus breed marbles naturally and abundantly for extraordinary layers of buttery beef flavors. It is rich and complex with a lush consistency. Our cattle are sourced from the grain-rich areas of the northern plains, known for producing the richest Black Angus cattle available. Only one in eight cattle qualifies and becomes USDA Certified as the 1855 brand. 


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