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Faroe Island Salmon

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Faroe Island Salmon
Faroe Island Salmon

8 ounce cut (Skin Off)

10 left


1 ea

Wild Seafood
The Faroe Islands is a small, remote island group located in the middle of the North Atlantic. Despite its small size, the aquaculture industry stands out as a boutique producer specializing in the finest Atlantic Salmon. The industry is committed to maintaining the highest levels of fish welfare and sustainability. Faroe Islands Salmon has the highest fat content of any farmed Atlantic Salmon. Faroe Islands Salmon fillets are processed pre-rigor to ensure freshness. Faroe Islands Salmon is a unique, sustainable seafood option that delivers unmatched freshness and flavor. Many consider Faroe Islands Salmon the most flavorful salmon in the world and it has high Omega-3‘s, making it a heart healthy seafood choice. The flesh is firm, moist, and oily and has a large moist flake. Its flavor is delicate. It is considered the sushi chef’s favorite salmon because it has a higher fat content. The Salmon are raised in open net pens in the gulf stream waters of a pristine natural feeding ground for Wild Salmon. These farms never use antibiotics or hormones and use only all- natural feeds. This salmon is raised sustainably in the wild and harvested in a low stress manner. 

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